Since the dawn of the civilization, humanity has been constantly in pursuit of food that provides nourishment, strength and taste. Nutritional security is quickly replacing the dynamic of food security around the world as the income levels and lifestyles have been significantly increasing in the developing world.

However, the quality of conventional food grains and farm produce has been declining steadily owing to the artificial pesticides and low nutrient cultivars, pushing the case for high nutritional and organic foods.

There is a strong case for consuming food that brings the very best of nutrition, from natural sources, that is sugar free, gluten free and cholesterol free. 'Qui-Noah' offers such a solution through its product offerings.

The origin of the word 'Qui-Noah' has an esoteric roots. Apart from using Quinoa, a high value pseudo-cereal as the key ingredient, It is derived from the idea of Noah's ark, that had carried many varied species on board. Qui-Noah is a brand that signifies a high quality, high-nutrition range of food products that enhance the utility of every meal.

Every product of Qui-Noah is made with carefully selected ingredients and have been processed in modern state-of-the art facilities, ensuring an excellent quality product.-line The chief objectives of Qui-Noah products are

   - High-nutrition,

   - Bio-availability of nutrients,

   - Taste,

       - Ease of cooking

       - Culinary versatility

       - Digestibility.